The Artist

Rosefire Jewelry is designed by Lauren Edewaard Madden. Lauren constantly sketched and drew throughout her childhood and teenage years, her primary subjects being horses, or classic movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn. In college, her creative bent turned to designing jewelry for herself and to give as gifts to friends. After much urging from friends and family, Lauren decided to start working to turn her passion for designing jewelry into a business in fall 2010.

In her line of fashion jewelry, Lauren is inspired by icons such as Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Halfway through sketching one of her designs, she realized that she was thinking of Audrey in Paris, and a set of vibrant emerald-toned stones inspired her to make a necklace reminiscent of Elizabeth’s stunning Bvlgari jewels. Her designs labelled Marie Antoinette and Urban Cleopatra evince a deep-rooted love for history. Color schemes in designer purses and shoes, and images from nature such as Hawaiian volcanoes or a crescent moon over the desert inspire other designs.

Rosefire’s bridal line of jewelry was designed and created after Lauren experienced her own wedding. She began designing for bridesmaids after a friend requested custom jewelry for a bridal party, personalized for each girl. Although initially dubious about working with a more limited color spectrum, she found that moving from fashion jewelry to bridal jewelry was rather like discovering that black and white photography can be as beautiful as color photography.

Lauren’s unique designs have been featured in several regional and national publications, including Charleston Weddings and Charleston Style & Design magazines.

Lauren lives in the beautiful city of Charleston with her wonderfully supportive husband, and an eternally energetic Yorkshire Terrier named Tilney (and kudos to anyone who knows the origin of that name).

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