The Jewelry

All Rosefire Jewelry designs are created with high quality materials – Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and Swarovski pearls, and semi-precious stones. A few select designs incorporate precious stones, such as rubies and opals.

All metal components are either sterling silver or gold-filled (with very few exceptions, such as vintage pieces). Gold-filled should be confused with gold plated. Gold plated metal is cheaper, but over time the gold will chip, showing the base metal beneath the thin gold plating. Gold filled metal has a base metal core, heat bonded to thick outer layer of gold that will not wear away.

We source our stones from dealers located in New York to India, and the many repurposed vintage pieces in Rosefire designs are sourced from countless antique malls and Etsy dealers.

Each distinctive Rosefire creation is designed and handmade by the designer, giving you a unique one-of-kind piece. Rosefire Jewelry is available at many levels of intricacy and cost.

From simple affordable accent items to a more complex design, with a higher the price point, there is a piece of Rosefire Jewelry for you. Asymmetric designs, necklaces with multiple layers, wire work are more time consuming than simple, single strand designs. A detailed design can go through multiple phases of sketching, and may need to be put together, taken apart, and re-strung many times.

We specialize in custom work for the discerning client who seeks couture designs created exclusively for her, using only the finest materials.

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